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April 26, 2010
Editorial, The nation’s most important system for judging the clinical effectiveness of cancer treatments is approaching “a state of crisis.” That is the disturbing verdict of experts assembled by... Read more
April 20, 2010
  By Gina Kolata,  Dr. Linda Griffith was at a conference in Singapore in early January when she felt a lump in her breast. She assumed it was nothing — a cyst. And anyway, she had no time for it.... Read more
April 19, 2010
Robert Weiner and Dr. Patricia Berg, As 17,000 cancer scientists attend the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) convention in Washington through Wednesday, their frustration is clear .... Read more
April 16, 2010
By Shannon Pettypiece,  The U.S. government’s cancer research network is “approaching a state of crisis” as waste and inefficiency cause 40 percent of late-stage trials it funds to be abandoned... Read more
April 13, 2010
By LAURA LANDRO, Cancer patients can turn to support groups when dealing with the rigors of treatment. It's far more difficult to get help with the growing financial burdens of care. The new health-... Read more
April 8, 2010
By Jennifer Evan, Physician-geneticist Francis Collins isn't afraid to think big about science. For over a decade, Collins led the Human Genome Project, overseeing the federal government's race to... Read more
April 7, 2010
Genome Web, Francis Collins on CER and Personalized Medicine A Kaiser Health News reporter recently spoke with Francis Collins about comparative effectiveness research, the National Institutes of... Read more
March 29, 2010
Friends of Cancer Research Testifies Before Congress On Tuesday, March 23, 2010, Friends of Cancer Research (Friends) Executive Director, Dr. Jeff Allen, testified at a Congressional hearing held... Read more
March 26, 2010
BY JOHN T. AQUINO, The Food and Drug Administration is underresourced and cannot fulfill its mission as a safety organization grounded in cutting-edge science until it receives more funding and... Read more
March 25, 2010
By David S. Broder, No one waited longer for the passage of health-care reform than John Dingell, so it was only right that no one smiled more broadly than the 83-year-old congressman while seated... Read more