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January 21, 2020
After officially launching the "Identification and Validation of ctDNA Quality Control Materials" Initiative last fall, a team at the Foundation of the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) has... Read more
January 17, 2020
When the first personalized cancer therapies came to market more than 20 years ago, some experts predicted that the field's growing understanding of the molecular features driving tumors would alter... Read more
January 17, 2020
Al B. Benson III was appointed deputy chair for policy and implementation by the ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group. Benson will lead EA’s efforts to strengthen collaboration between academic and... Read more
January 15, 2020
Executive Summary US FDA oncology chief celebrates his 20th year at the agency with a frank and wide-ranging podcast interview in which he addresses the next (two) phases of the Oncology Center of... Read more
January 14, 2020
An ongoing push to speed new medicines to patients has led to the growth of new Food and Drug Administration programs with relaxed evidence standards for approving drugs, according to an analysis... Read more
January 10, 2020
We went through our analytics: here is what your colleagues in oncology read in 2019.   What are your colleagues reading in The Cancer Letter? Here are the highlights: Robert Peter Gale’s series on... Read more
January 5, 2020
In its continuing efforts to help ensure that patients receive the best treatments in the safest and fastest way possible, the Friends of Cancer Research (FOCR) announced a new pilot project called... Read more
December 30, 2019
A major cancer research advocacy organization wants key House lawmakers to include in their upcoming Cures 2.0 package a policy that would give FDA authority to require generic drug labels be updated... Read more
December 19, 2019
Executive Summary ODAC meetings are usually few and far between – and rarely come with good news for the sponsor. Below are some lessons learned from the bounty (three!) held this week.   The US Food... Read more
December 18, 2019
Armed with a recently awarded five-year $20 million contract from the US Food and Drug Administration to support its work on the PrecisionFDA platform, DNAnexus is working with Deloitte to enhance... Read more