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March 16, 2010
by Carolyn Clancy and Patrick Conway, PATIENTS AND PHYSICIANS ARE FORTUNATE TO Confront expanded options for diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring. While physicians strive to tailor recommendations... Read more
March 8, 2010
In order to leverage pre-approval and post-market data collected by FDA to advance comparative effectiveness research and personalized medicine,  the agency is considering establishing two centers... Read more
March 4, 2010
Obama’s Remarks on Health Care Following is a text of President Obama's speech Wednesday on the need to overhaul of the country's health care system, as released by the White House: Thank you so... Read more
February 24, 2010
On February 23, 2010,  FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg, NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins, and Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius announced an initiative designed to... Read more
February 23, 2010
Without sustained investment in biomedical research and innovation to better understand and treat disease, the long-overdue reforms being debate d today aimed at achieving access for all patients... Read more
February 22, 2010
FEAR OF intrusion in the doctor-patient relationship so inhibits insurers that they are shunning one of the most obvious ways to cut medical costs: Avoiding costly  procedures when they are proven to... Read more
February 22, 2010
On  February 22, 2010, President Obama put forward his Health Care Reform proposal to the American People.  Click here to read the administrations proposal.   Read more
February 22, 2010
Outside the waterfront convention center here on Friday, a small group of protesters warned against secret scientific plots to modify the weather.  "Are we the experiment?" asked some of the posters... Read more
February 17, 2010
In the turbulent wake of the 17 November 2009 publication of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations on screening for breast cancer  (1), Annals shares results of a readers'... Read more
February 12, 2010
By KEITH J. WINSTEIN , It sounds like such a simple concept: Study different medical treatments and figure out which delivers the best results at the cheapest cost, giving patients the most effective... Read more