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July 7, 2010
By SCOTT CANON, Bioscience “holds promise like no other area of human endeavor,” Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services secretary, told Tuesday’s town hall-style meeting on cancer  drug... Read more
July 7, 2010
By Christine Metz, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius thinks it’s taking too long to bring life-saving drugs to patients who need them. The former Kansas governor returned... Read more
July 6, 2010
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Inquiries: Ryan Hohman   703.302.1522/717.333.6248-   KANSAS CITY, Mo. (July 6, 2010) – Academic institutions across the United States are playing a... Read more
July 6, 2010
KAREN WEINTRAUB, Dr. Kevin S. Hughes, co director of the Avon Comprehensive Breast Evaluation Center at Massachusetts General Hospital and a surgeon at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, recently... Read more
June 29, 2010
By Lynn Etheredge, Cancer is among the most complicated group of diseases to research and treat. The progress in the federal government’s “war on cancer” launched in the 1970s has been... Read more
June 22, 2010
By Lisa Richwine, Drugmaker Pfizer Inc is pulling a decade-old leukemia medicine off the U.S. market after a study found a higher death rate and no benefit for patients. Mylotarg won approval... Read more
June 17, 2010
TEN years ago, on June 26th 2000, a race ended. The result was declared a dead heat and both runners won the prize of shaking the hand of America’s then president, Bill Clinton, at the White... Read more
June 15, 2010
FDA plans to draft its first-ever guidance on the co-development of two or more novel drugs to be used in combination to treat cancer and other life-threatening diseases and is seeking stakeholder... Read more
June 14, 2010
Dr. Francis Collins is a giant, figuratively and literally,in the world of medicine. Standing 6 feet 5, with floppy, boyish hair and soft-spoken enthusiasm , Collins is one of two scientists – Craig... Read more
June 8, 2010
By JENNIFER CORBETT DOOREN, A non-invasive medical device that could provide a new way to battle brain cancer is being tested on patients with the most lethal form of the disease.   Researchers... Read more