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New York Times - Daschle Pledges a Bipartisan Reform of Health Care System

Former Senator Tom Daschle pledged on Thursday to work with lawmakers of both parties in a grass roots, ideology-free campaign to revamp the nation’s struggling health care system. 

Boston Globe - The Great Promise of Personalized Medicine

A patient is diagnosed with non-small-cell lung cancer. A DNA test costing $1,000 reveals the subtype of his cancer. The test indicates that the most effective treatment will be an oral drug rather than chemotherapy.


Washington Post- Next NIH Director Faces Budget Issues

The director of the National Institutes of Health may be the least political of a president's political appointments.

Boston Globe - America Needs a Strong FDA

As President-Elect Barack Obama focuses on selecting leaders for his administration, a top priority should be to rebuild the Food and Drug Administration


Washington Post - Ailing FDA May Need Major Reconstructing

The Obama administration will inherit a Food and Drug Administration widely seen as struggling to protect Americans from unsafe medication, contaminated food and a flood of questionable imports from China and other countries.

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Capitol File- Two Views One Goal

Friends Chair and President featured in the Capitol File Magazine Fall 2008 issue. Read the full Article Here