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Associated Press -Obama Announces $5 Billion in Health-Research Grants

BETHESDA, Md.--President Barack Obama announced $5 billion in new government grants Wednesday to fight cancer, autism and heart disease.

He said the funds, from the $787 billion stimulus package, would also create jobs. Visiting the Bethesda campus of the National Institutes of Health, he said that its projects illustrate the dual goals of the $787 billion economic stimulus bill: rescuing the economy and laying the groundwork for future generations' stability by improving public health.


THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you.  Thank you so much.  Francis, thank you for the extraordinary introduction.  I want to echo what has just been said about my Secretary of HHS.  She is, I just think, outstanding.  She hit the ground running, and with all the burdens that she carries, she always has a sense of fun and energy, and is just good to be around.  So please give Kathleen Sebelius a big round of applause.  (Applause.)

Wall Street Journal- Making Sense of the Debate on Health Care


By Anna Wilde Mathews, Lawmakers are trying to crunch 2,079 pages of health-insurance overhaul proposals into a sweeping new law. As they do, some key decisions could impact your wallet and your coverage.

USA TODAY-Health care comparisons help show best practices, prices

Pink Sheet- FDA Will Revisit Appropriate Use Of PFS Endpoints At Advisory Committee

Mary Jo Laffler, FDA Office of Oncology Drug Products Director Richard Pazdur plans to convene an advisory committee meeting to clarify standards

 for use of progression-free survival data  , a move prompted by industry's aggressive adoption of the surrogate endpoint and, more broadly, the gradual decline in the level of drug benefit that sponsors seek to use in support of a cancer drug approval.

New York Times- Where Cancer Progress Is Rare, One Man Says No

By GARDINER HARRIS, Politicians and researchers have predicted for nearly four decades that a cure for cancer is near, but cancer death rates have hardly budged and most new cancer drugs cost a fortune while giving patients few,

Wall Street Journal- Baucus Crafts Health Care Plan, But Senate Democrats Have Concerns

By GREG HITT and JONATHAN WEISMAN , Some rank-and-file Senate Democrats are voicing concerns about sweeping health legislation being crafted

Washington Post- Dodd Decides Against Taking Over Senate Health Committee

By Paul Kane, Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.) has decided against succeeding his close friend and mentor, the late Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) as chairman of the Senate's health committee,

a senior Senate aide said Tuesday night. 

The decision sets in motion a final game of musical chairs involving committee chairmanships after Kennedy's death.

New York Times- Health Compromise Floated Before Obama Speech

By JACKIE CALMES and ROBERT PEAR, As President Obama and top advisers drafted his eagerly awaited health care speech to Congress, new det

Wall Street Journal- Bleak Cancer Reports Mask Major Advances

By Carl Bialik,  Grim reports about the war on cancer have masked significant signs of progress against the disease.

In recent years, it has been hard to avoid hearing that the fight against cancer has been largely futile.  News stories have cited government statistics showing that death rates from cancer have barely budged, even as major progress has been made against heart disease. It is a humbling and disheartening return on tens of billions of dollars of investment in research.