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Huffington Post- Solving the Healthcare Reform Puzzle

By Dr. John Kenagy, Healthcare reform in America is possible. In fact, four eminent physician leaders wrote an intriguing editorial in

The New York Times on Aug. 12 offering the opinion that, in places, it has already been done. 

Boston Globe- Dispute widens on merits of health tests

By Michael Kranish, One of President Obama’s favorite arguments for his health care overhaul plan is that he would require insurance companies to pay for tests and other preventive care that can determine

whether a person has a life-threatening disease.  “It saves lives, it also saves money,’’ he said at his town hall meeting last week in New Hampshire.

Reuters- Drug compound kills breast cancer stem cells

By Julie Steenhuysen, U.S. researchers have discovered a compound that can kill breast cancer stem cells, a kind of master cancer cell that resists conventional treatment

and may explain why many cancers grow back,   they reported on Thursday.

The discovery came using a new method of screening for drugs that specifically target and kill cancer stem cells, and it could be used to find drugs targeting other cancer stem cells as well, they said.

New York Times-10 Steps to Better Health Care

By ATUL GAWANDE, DONALD BERWICK, ELLIOTT FISHER and MARK McCLELLAN, WE have reached a sobering point in our national health-reform debate. Americans have recognized that our health system is bankrupting us

and that we have dealt with this by letting the system price more and more people out of health care.  So we are trying to decide if we are willing to change — willing to ensure that everyone can have coverage. That means banishing the phrase “pre-existing condition.” It also means finding ways to pay for coverage for those who can’t afford it without help.

The New York Times-Why Patients Turn Down Clinical Trials

To the Editor, Re “Lack of Study Volunteers Is Said to Hobble Fight Against Cancer” (“Forty Years’ War” series, front page, Aug. 3):

I read with interest your article about the chilling effect

 that low recruitment for clinical trials has had on the search for meaningful treatments. 

The New York Times- A Primer on the Details of Health Care Reform

By ROBERT PEAR and DAVID M. HERSZENHORN, With the debate over the future of health care now shifted from Capitol Hill to town halls, supporters and critics of the Democrats’ legislative proposals are

 polishing their sound bites and sharpening their attack lines. 

New York Times- To Fight Cancer, Know the Enemy

By JAMES D. WATSON, The National Cancer Institute, which has overseen American efforts on researching and combating cancers since 1971, should take on an ambitious new goal for the next decade: the development of new drugs that will provide lifelong cures for many,

New York Times- Lack of Study Volunteers Hobbles Cancer Fight

By Gina Kolata, Not long ago, at a meeting of an advisory group established by Congress to monitor the war on cancer, participants were asked how to speed progress.

AP- Dodd has prostate cancer

By LAURIE KELLMAN, Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., has been diagnosed with an early stage of prostate cancer and intends to have surgery early in August, his office said Friday.

Dodd intends to be back at work when Congress reconvenes in September, according to an e-mail his office circulated to fellow senators. The AP obtained a copy. 

Aides also said the diagnosis would not affect Dodd's plans to seek a sixth term in 2010.

Dodd planned to announce the diagnosis at a news conference in Hartford, Conn., Friday afternoon.

Washington Post- Baucus Touts Lower Cost of Compromise Health-Care Bill

By Shailagh Murray and Paul Kane, As the House moved closer to agreement on its health bill, Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus announced that a draft of the reform package he is negotiating with three Republican senators would come with a lower-than-expected price tag, less than $900 billion over 10 years.