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Friends of Cancer Research Science Policy Internship

Position Overview: 

Friends of Cancer Research (Friends) is committed to advancing science and regulatory policy to expedite the development of life-saving therapies for cancer patients. A tenet of this mission is to ensure that regulatory and payment policies are evidence-based and developed by experts in the field of oncology. At Friends, we believe that to fully contribute to drug development policy, we must not only inform policy now, but also promote cancer researchers to fill the next generation of policy experts. The Friends Science Policy Internship will provide first-hand working experience and training to oncology researchers in the field of science policy with the goal of promoting the career directory for scientists interested in policy.

Eligibility: Doctoral candidate or post-doctoral fellow with expertise in cancer-related research and an interest in science or health policy.

Objective: To facilitate hands-on working experience and tangible work products in science policy, and relevant to Friends work, that will support an intern’s advancement into a policy career.

Time commitment: Approximately 5-10 hours remote work and one day per week in the Friends office.

Internship Length: July 2020-June 2021.

Structure and Timeline: The internship objectives and timeline are intentionally designed to provide relative flexibility based upon the intern’s experience level and degree of project complexity. The internship year will be divided into two, 6-month project periods. The first project period will be devoted to pre-defined projects with established project mentors that will facilitate discrete training objectives. At the completion of the first project period, the intern should have gained sufficient policy training and exposure to begin to develop a project proposal of their own interest (that falls within the policy scope and work streams of the organization). Working with a Friends mentor, the intern will develop and execute the self-driven project proposal during the second internship project period.

Projects will be executed primarily during remote work and in-office hours. In-office days will also provide the intern with opportunities to attend outside meetings around Washington DC, including Friends satellite meetings, Congressional hearings and briefings, Congressional advocacy meetings (Hill Days), policy and science conferences, etc.

Position Type: This is a non-paid, volunteer position.

To apply, please submit a CV and a short statement (1 page or less) describing your interest in policy and how this opportunity would further your career goals by May 15, 2020 to Laura Lasiter,


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