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LONDON, April 17 (Reuters) - Scientists and drugmakers are pioneering a new kind of clinical trial that changes the way cancer drugs are studied, potentially cutting both the time and cost of... Read more
Building on enthusiasm for the multi-sponsor, multi-drug clinical trial due to get underway in lung cancer soon, stakeholders in academia, industry, government and the patient community have begun... Read more
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In the summer of 2012, a year after his wife had died of lung cancer, Michael Harris scraped open an old mole on his back and it would not stop bleeding. The doctors said he had stage 4 melanoma,... Read more
Washington, DC – Friends of Cancer Research (Friends), a Washington, DC-based think tank and advocacy organization, announced the appointment of Joel S. Marcus, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and... Read more
Last year’s 39 NME approvals is not the “new normal,” Office of New Drugs Director John Jenkins declares. FDA approved just 27 NMEs in 2013. The return to normal also included a quiet December.For... Read more